“Looks like an old lady”: not entirely successful pictures of Monica Bellucci hit the Internet

“Looks like an old lady”: not very successful photographs of Monica Bellucci appeared on the Internet: the face is full of wrinkles.

This beautiful woman has always been considered a style icon and role model. Both men and women admired her. Monica has always loved experimenting with styles and being different. However, she never looked bad.

Despite his age, Bellucci has excellent appearance and a toned figure.

But recently, not very successful photographs of the famous actress appeared on the Internet: in them, her skin looks flabby, and wrinkles are noticeable on her face.  This is natural, because with age we all change. But still we are accustomed to consider her an ideal woman.

According to Monica’s fans, the new haircut makes her look several years older.

It is known that the Italian actress is against plastic surgery and chooses aging naturally. After all, in her opinion, this has its own charm.

Monica is not going to change anything about her appearance. If necessary, you can always correct the imperfections using Photoshop, but operations are out of the question.

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