The neighbors whispered: “Why does he carry all sorts of rubbish to his home?” But everyone understood when they looked over the fence

The frantic pace of modern life forces us to look for a pleasant place for the soul to restore our vitality. A small piece of paradise in the dacha itself is such a chic place where you can escape from the constant noise and bustle of the city, and take a break from the rush.

It’s interesting, but many people think that landscape design is very difficult and expensive. In fact, this opinion is wrong. Often, most owners of country cottages, for some reason, do not see themselves as having a penchant for landscape design, although they skillfully arrange lawns, grow plants brought from exotic countries, transform the banks of reservoirs and even manage to build unusual alpine slides. All of the above is landscape design, which they create with their own hands.

Isn’t it unpleasant to create a grass carpet on which you will then walk barefoot or even lie down, enjoying its softness? The lawn creates an atmosphere of calm and comfort.

In the photo you can see how the owner managed to decorate the flower beds. This work is made from fragments of old brick. All elements look very harmonious.

Red brick, which was laid level with the lawn, is accessible and functional.

Landscaping the entire territory not only improves the appearance of the site, but also helps improve its microclimate.

A small pond, for example, can be built from an ordinary old acrylic bathtub, and you don’t need a lot of effort to create a pond like the one in the photo.

Also, to create a beautiful green composition, you can install plastic fences that will serve you for a long period of time. Today we have learned how to make plastic fencing that at first glance cannot be distinguished from the ones we are used to, made of stone or wood.

How do you like this built-in flower bed? Agree, it looks very beautiful, unusual and quite simple.

And in this photo we see how it turned out to perfectly combine natural and artificial materials.

And here is a border made of stone. The taste of the creator is felt. With it, any flower arrangement looks very elegant, focusing on the fragility and tenderness of flowers.

The highlight of your landscape design can be all sorts of creative elements.

But the fences and garden fence, which are painted the same color. Looks very stylish.


Paving slabs that did an excellent job as a fence for flowers.

Most summer residents do not set up their plot without arranging an alpine hill. This gives the impression of natural stone painting with beautiful flowers. Use your imagination and experiment.

Those who prefer a rustic style more can install a wooden fence for flower beds. The tree is in perfect harmony with stone, garden figures, benches and swings.

But concrete curbs can be used anywhere.

In my opinion, using stones when decorating a flower bed is the best option.

A solid wooden fence looks perfect.

Take a look at this brick design


For some, all this beauty may seem too difficult to recreate. Yes, the easiest way is to invite specialists who, for decent money, will do everything in the best possible way. But if you put in a little effort on your part, then you will definitely succeed.

Colorful flower beds and flower beds will be able to tell everyone the story of your creativity, imagination, and your dear guests. Don’t deprive yourself of this pleasure, come up with and bring to life your craziest ideas.

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