Together for 60 years! 85-year-old Celentano was captured on the street with his 79-year-old wife Claudia Mora

The actor Adriano Celentano, beloved by millions, lived for 60 years in a legal marriage with the Italian singer and actress Claudia Mori. Despite rumors about the artist’s affairs with famous women, Adriano chose to stay with his wife, who had been faithful to him all these years.

Adriano Celentano with his wife Claudia Mori on a walk. The couple has been together for 60 years!

Paparazzi photos of the couple appeared on the Internet. 85-year-old Celentano and his 79-year-old wife were photographed on a walk. The couple seems happy and serene.

“I dream of living with my loved one for 60 years. This is happiness”, “Adriano is lucky with his wife. She forgave him for his betrayal with Ornella Muti and is living her last years with him,”

“Wonderful couple”, “And I don’t believe in gossip. They have been together for 60 years, which means everything is great for them,”

“God bless this couple”, “I want to believe that they are happy”,

“How cool. Long live to them,” I read under the new photographs of Celentano and his wife. What do you say?

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