😫«At first side she is a child but in real she is a woman!💔A 23-year-old television personality who is 45 inches tall shared pictures of herself that tell her life story!»

Shauna Rae, who is only 3’9″ and weighs less than 55 pounds, is not your typical 23-year-old. Despite her height, she is not limited. It has increased her enthusiasm for fashion design.
Shauna fought a valiant battle against pediatric brain cancer during her formative years. She was fortunate enough to overcome the illness, but the therapy caused growth retardation, which persisted. Shauna is determined to have a happy life despite everything.

Her goal is to launch a clothing brand made especially for petite individuals, like herself. She recognizes how frustrating it may be to have few alternatives and frequently has to shop in the children’s area.

Shauna asserts, “Wear should make you feel confident, not like a child dressed up.” “We should not only wear clothes that fit our size but also reflect our age and style.”
Shauna is not just a budding designer but also a television personality and social media influencer.

Her height appears to disappear when she is around those she loves. She says, “They see me for who I am.” Still, it serves as a reminder that not everyone understands everything. Shauna is hoping that people can see past her little stature. “Talk to me, and you’ll see the 23-year-old woman underneath, even though I may look young.”

Shauna experienced love while filming a television program. However, her relationship was strained, and they ended up breaking up because of social pressures and negative comments on the internet. Shauna and her ex-partner are still friends, even after the heartache. Shauna is now searching for love once more.

Shauna is now searching for love once more. There is little question that she will meet someone who recognizes her for the amazing lady she is, given her upbeat outlook and steadfast energy.

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