The sad fate of the most famous Siamese twins – Zita and Gita

These poor girls became the first Siamese twins who were successfully separated by doctors. However after separation one of them died. Almost 20 years have passed. How does the other sister live now?

The whole world has heard about the girls from the village of Zapadnoye, Sokuluk district, Chui region, located in Kyrgyzstan. In any case, the medical world. The fact is that Zita and Gita, named after the heroines of popular Indian cinema, became the first Siamese twins who were successfully separated by doctors.

However, the Rezekhanov family’s trials did not end with the operation, which took place when the girls were 11 years old. As the girls grew older, they decided they wanted to save lives and get a medical education.

But their own health was rapidly deteriorating. Zita’s kidney and liver diseases worsened, and one eye completely lost sight. Then a serious operation on the intestines occurred, during which Zita Rezekhanova’s heart almost stopped.

And in 2015, a few days after her own birthday, the young girl died due to numerous chronic illnesses, which was a big blow for the family.

The loss of her sister was especially hard for her twin, Gita. The stress also affected her health – she was suspected of having an oncological tumor. The tumor was removed in time. But the Rezekhanov family did not have money for further examinations and supportive therapy.

However, Gita does not despair and continues to fight every day for her happy life. Now she is 28 years old, she remotely teaches Arabic and the Koran to everyone. She is also studying at the Islamic College.

She hopes to be able to open her own church school in the future. In her dreams, Gita teaches there along with a staff of hired teachers and organizes events for students. She realizes that without the help of other people and donations the dream will not come true, but she does not despair at all.

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