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Despite not being in the headlines, 69-year-old Caitlyn Jenner, formerly Bruce, is making the most of her life. On the terrace of her Malibu mansion, Jenner was recently spotted kicking back in her stunning bikini without any makeup. The transgender activist and reality TV star is shown in the picture admiring California’s breathtaking scenery and climate.

In the photo, former Olympian Jenner is seen swimming in the pool for an “end-of-day swim.” Even though Jenner hasn’t worn a women’s swimsuit in four years, her two-piece black bikini still looks stunning. The caption reads, “A swim at the end of the day.” It’s ninety-two degrees in Malibu. Don’t let anyone fool you. I’m wearing an SPF layer.

Hutchins clarified in 2018 that they are life partners in addition to being working partners, despite reports to the contrary. Strong collaboration is fostered by their mutual difficulties and common ideals. Hutchins emphasized that their connection shouldn’t be centered around its romantic side.

They see each other as inseparable companions and share a living space and work commitments. Regardless of their relationship’s dynamics, it’s obvious that Caitlyn Jenner is happy.

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