«Everyone Was Completely Astonished by Their Birth: What’s the reason of ther different skin color?😮How Do The Twin Brothers Now Look?»😍

Social media helped David and Daniel Omirin, who were born on February 26, 2019, become well-known worldwide. Because of David’s albinism, their special position as twins attracted attention, resulting in different physical characteristics between the brothers. One brother has a dark complexion and hair, while the other brother has blonde hair. Demilad, their elder sister, did not have albinism at birth.

The twins’ birth in Lagos, Nigeria, by Stacey, 30, and Babajide, 38, sparked a lot of interest among medical personnel. Stacey was taken aback by the news since she had no idea that she could give birth to a kid who was albino. Such subtleties in pigmentation remained unnoticed despite advancements in ultrasonography technology.
Many people were curious about the twins’ parents after their birth and began to wonder. Stacey related stories of being asked to identify her kids, and when she confirmed they were related, people would look at her like she was crazy.

Although Daniel and David both have exuberant, cheerful dispositions, David stands out due to his albinism, which causes vision problems that require the early use of spectacles. Notably, Daniel has just started wearing spectacles as well.On Instagram, their mother, Stacey, chronicles their adventure and offers insights into their development and activities. The twins, who are five years old, have different hobbies and personalities. Daniel is more of an energetic person, while David has a more laid-back style.

The twins started their schooling experience in 2021 and went to primary school in Nigeria. Their parents continue to record their developmental milestones and raise awareness about albinism to debunk misconceptions and promote acceptance in African communities. They also continue to enjoy football and dancing. Stacey hopes her sons will draw in brand collaborations so they may prosper and spread awareness of the reality of albinism. David’s involvement in a film for World Albinism Day two years ago demonstrates their dedication to campaigning and inclusivity.

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