King Charles has dealt another blow to Prince Harry. Is this really revenge?

King Charles has dealt another blow to Prince Harry. Is this really revenge? What we are talking about and why this was a painful blow for the youngest son of the monarch?

Recently, one can increasingly hear talk about the return of Prince William’s younger brother to the UK. However, according to the royal expert, there may be some complications with this. The fact is that Charles deprived Harry of the cottage given to him by the queen. What we are talking about and why this was a painful blow for the youngest son of the monarch, you will find out with us in the next few minutes.

Charles deprived Harry of his cottage

Perhaps, it is no longer a secret to anyone that Prince Harry, who broke with the royal family, intends to return home. At least Meghan Markle’s husband is taking certain steps to achieve this. Although, it is worth noting that the main reason for this decision was the sudden illness of Kate Middleton . The fact is that before his marriage to the American actress, William’s younger brother was almost in a brotherly relationship with Catherine.

And Middleton herself, as insiders note, was incredibly happy about the renewed communication with her brother-in-law. After all, today, like in the good old days, they again support each other with kind words. Interestingly, some sources believe that it will be Kate who will act as a truce between the quarreling brothers.

Alas, on the way home certain difficulties had already begun to arise. You see, Charles deprived Harry of his cottage. We are talking about Frogmore House. It is important to note that the mansion was presented to the prince by Queen Elizabeth II. The property was given as a wedding gift to Meghan Markle.

“It’s all over for them in the UK.”

By the way, it was in Frogmore House that the Dukes of Sussex began their life together. Moreover, Harry and Meghan’s first child, Archie, was also born here. Alas, in 2023, King Charles decided to take away the property from his youngest son as payment for all his scandalous words and deeds.

“Harry was furious and crying because he was evicted from Frogmore. He felt that his father had no right to do this and that it was pure revenge. “A painful reminder of his childhood, of everything he felt when his father fought with his mother during their long and difficult divorce,” says royal biographer Tom Quinn.

At the same time, an expert on the British monarchy believes that such a decision on the part of the king was completely justified. After all, as you know, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle abandoned all their responsibilities. As a result, the Sussexes also lost their due preferences. “It’s all over for them in the UK. If they want UK residency they will have to buy privately .”

And, of course, for Prince Harry this is not just another blow, but also a reminder of his role in the family. “He always perceives himself as a victim. He’s offended because he’s just a little rich spoiled child.” But, who knows, maybe Kate is the one who is able to influence not only her husband, but also the monarch. However, it is unknown whether the pardon will also affect Megan.

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