«The age of this woman might just make you do a double take.😮 She shared her secrets of beauty and freshness.»😍

Let me introduce you to Norma, a 70-year-old woman whose ageless appearance may cause you to pause and consider her twice. Even though Norma acknowledges she’s not at her best physically right now, she’s willing to offer some of her easygoing style secrets.

Before moving to Italy, Norma spent a considerable amount of time living in the UK. She is happily married to a guy who is over ten years older and has her own prosperous business. She credits her lifetime dedication to consistent exercise, which began at the age of 20, along with lots of walking and thoughtful eating practices, for a large portion of her attractiveness.
For Norma, being in excellent condition is more about having a toned body and being healthy generally than it is about the number on the scale.

She emphasizes the value of a healthy body over meeting social norms, saying there is no one-size-fits-all standard for the ideal figure. Everyday meals are an expression of Norma’s balanced dietary philosophy. She loves sweet fruits and pastries for breakfast, but she makes up for it with meals full of veggies and protein, especially spaghetti with olive oil and vegetables. She completes her day with a snack of vegetables, yogurt, or even chocolate before supper.

A balanced diet, regular exercise, and, most importantly, self-love and respect for her body are the keys to her youthful beauty. According to Norma’s concept, maintaining good health from the inside out and appreciating your own body may result in eternal beauty.

What do you think of Norma’s strategy for keeping her young appearance?

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