«They Look So Happy!😍 The 71-year-old Gere said this on social media while sharing a photo of himself with his 99-year-old father.»😮       

Time does fly by, isn’t that right? The fact that a lot of people’s favorite celebrities recently turned 71 is astounding. Recall how much we used to swoon over Richard Gere’s charming younger years.

The actor celebrated his father’s 99th birthday by posting a photo on social media. Many remarked on how attractive his father seemed, while others brought up Richard Gere’s recent physical transformation. “His dad looks fantastic.” “A very content grandfather!”In contrast to his father, Gere seems to have matured significantly. Am I the only one? “It’s a blessing to be young at seventy-one.” “I wish his dad a long and happy life.” “A really lovely picture.” “Is this my perception, or has Gere become older?”

“Perhaps Richard’s younger wife is keeping him on his toes,” several internet users surmised.

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