Triple challenge for your IQ: move 3 matches to make 3 squares

Do you think you are clever? If yes, then this challenge is for you. Only the cleverest people can move 3 matches to make 3 squares. I bet you can’t solve his problem. The solution is in the first comment below.

This children’s puzzle turns out to be a serious challenge for logic and intelligence even for adults. Test yourself for creative_thinking and an_unconventional_approach_to_problem_solving.

You need to move 3matches so that there are 3squares in the picture. Only three squares and no extra matches – all matches must be used.

To make it easier to solve the puzzle, you can take a box of matches and move them to look for a solution.

But for the purity of the experiment, it is better to do_it_mentally – this is a test specifically for spatial thinking and visualization.

And if you get stuck and can’t solve the problem, scroll down the screen – we’ll publish the solution below.


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