💔«Angelina’s World Ruined When Her Daughter Made the Decision to Live With Her Father!😳What’s the reason?»

It appears that Angelina Jolie’s attempts to paint Brad Pitt in a bad light in court are failing. Their oldest daughter, Shiloh, seems to have a different viewpoint, opting to live with her father as she gets closer to maturity, despite her moving testimony.

With her upcoming 18th birthday, Shiloh—who has already said that she prefers a more male identity—will have the autonomy to make her own decisions. For those who have witnessed the strong relationship between Brad and Shiloh, this revelation should come as no surprise.

An insider stated, “They have similar interests, and Shiloh feels happy and at ease around her dad.” Shiloh remains unconvinced by Angelina’s strategies, with some internet discussion even disparaging her parenting style. People on social media shared their thoughts about recent images of Shiloh:

Some said, “Angelina is so manipulative.” Some only thought of Brad and Angelina’s previous romance while admiring Shiloh’s beauty. Several others expressed shock at Brad’s age, pointing out that the couple was once a powerful couple in Hollywood. Shiloh wouldn’t be a good mother, some said in support of Angelina, but opinions on the internet seem to be split.

Shiloh’s choice emphasizes how complicated family relationships can be, particularly following a well-publicized split. The course of events for Shiloh and her parents remains to be seen.

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