«How is that possible? 😮She Follows a Special Diet to Maintain Her 44-Lb Weight: 🤯The Chinese Girl Eats Only Honey and Pollen to Look So Thin!»

This young lady has the unearthly appearance of a fragile porcelain doll, making everyone who considers touching her hesitate for fear of doing irreversible harm.
Her presence overwhelms her fellow Chinese residents, overshadowing their generally accepting attitude toward other people’s lives. She is an incredible national treasure.
Known only as “Alien,” she keeps a low profile and doesn’t provide many details about her real life, all the while enticing the public with her social media image.

She may be quiet, but there’s one thing you can be sure of: she’s only sixteen.
Her childhood has been the subject of speculation, with some believing that she hails from a wealthy home based on her frequent posts on social media featuring expensive automobiles, apparel, and jewelry.

Alien recently revealed details on her ethereal body, claiming that her weight of only twenty kilos is maintained by a diet consisting only of pollen and honey.

Though many of her fans are surprised by this observation—many Chinese women are not recognized for their tall stature—her height is noticeably tall despite her slim body, emphasizing the look of her thin limbs.

Some perceptive observers pointed out discrepancies in her images, such as a “floating” interior, which suggested deft Photoshop work and cast doubt on the veracity of her depicted body.

There is optimism that someone close to her may ultimately shed light on her genuine identity, despite the abundance of discussion over the veracity of her look and the lack of definitive evidence.

What do you think about her diet and appearance?

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