“I won’t hide my face anymore”: The girl who hid her face with makeup showed what she really looks like

“I won’t hide my face anymore”: She covered up the bluish-gray birthmark on her face with layers of cosmetics for years. Now she has grown up and decided to show the world what she looks like in reality.

Carlotta Bertotti’s narrative is one of bravery and introspection. She covered up the bluish-gray birthmark on her face with layers of cosmetics for years. But this seeming weakness became a representation of her distinct personality.

Nevus of Ota, as the birthmark is technically called, is a benign condition. However, Carlotta found herself struggling with accepting herself.

At the age of eight, cosmetics turned into her line of defense against the outside world. She developed a daily two-hour routine to conceal perceived flaws.

Her health was impaired and her face paralyzed at the age of twelve by a benign tumor. Her confidence was eroded by this survival fight. Her face immobilized upon awakening from a coma, she recalls seeing a “monster” in the mirror.

During her adolescence, Carlotta experienced self-doubt. Anything to fit in with the crowd, whether makeup or contact lenses, provided momentary respite that quickly gave way to disillusionment. She believed herself to be an outsider, unworthy of acceptance and love.

Carlotta bravely chose to tell her story and accept her imperfections. Since then, she has emerged as a social media inspiration, enthralling viewers with her sincerity and tenacity.

Her book Incancellabile served as a testament to the strength of accepting and loving oneself. Carlotta is a ray of hope today. Her point is extremely clear: everyone is deserving of love.

Her journey is a tribute to the transformational power of self-love—a journey worth taking, not settling for one flaw at a time—in a culture preoccupied with unattainable expectations.

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