The birth of a girl without a nose shocked the whole world. How did she manage to prove that she is one of a kind?

The girl shocked the whole world with her appearance: she was born without a nose. Years have passed and the girl proved everyone that inner beauty is more important. What does she look like now? Shocking photos in the comments

The lesson Tessa’s story imparts is that beauty may take many different shapes. Tessa, who was born with a rare disease that stunted her nose’s growth, defies expectations and has an enthusiastic joy for life.

Tessa was diagnosed with full congenital arynia at birth, which means she was noseless. This led to difficulties, such as the requirement for breathing support shortly after birth and several surgeries within the first year of life.

Tessa’s parents, Grainne and Nathan, recognized their daughter for the remarkable person she is despite all of these challenges. Tessa does not smell because she breathes through her mouth due to her lack of a nose. Her spirit, though, remains unwavering.

Tessa’s parents took the tough choice to have corrective surgery done in the hopes of eventually growing an artificial nose for their daughter. People everywhere were moved by Tessa’s story. Many are inspired by her contagious zeal and unwavering persistence.

It serves as a reminder that genuine beauty is found in the soul rather than the outward looks and a monument to fortitude.

Tessa continues to inspire and encourage people all around the world as her narrative develops.

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