This guy weighed over 300kg six years ago: What does he look like after his amazing weight loss?

This guy weighed over 300kg six years ago. Nobody believed that he could lose a kilo. But he decided and changed his way of living. What does he look like after his amazing weight loss??

Casey King developed a childhood love of cuisine. He became overweight as a result, making him an appealing target when he was in school. At first, it didn’t affect him, but with time, Casey’s continual mockery made him withdraw and isolate himself.

By the time he graduated from high school, Casey had gained over 200 pounds by selecting junk food over a healthy weight. He ended up treating himself to leftovers at a bargain every night despite finding a part-time job at a cafe. When Casey was twenty years old, he weighed more than 200 kg, which made it difficult for him to move about.

After quitting his work, he lived in his room for the next fifteen years, playing video games and depending on his father for sustenance.

The birth of his nephew Thomas in 2018 was a turning point in his life. In September 2018, he underwent gastric sleeve surgery after gradually giving up junk food.

After receiving media attention, Casey’s tale resulted in an invitation to participate in a weight loss reality show. Casey, who was under the supervision of a group of experts, shed about 40 kg in the first three months with focused exercise and a customized diet.

Casey, who is 39 years old, weighs 110 kg today; the extra 15 kg is due to extra skin. He has lost more than 200 kg in total over the last six years.

Casey’s tale is a potent reminder that big change is achievable with steadfast dedication and a solid support network.

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