💖«Paul McCartney and his spouse were pictured on the beach of the “Billionaire Resort. They look so happy together!»😍

Taking advantage of springtime, Sir Paul McCartney and his spouse, Nancy Shevell, are visiting the picturesque island of Saint Barthélemy in the Caribbean. The devoted couple was recently photographed by photographers having a great day at the beach. The 64-year-old wife of the 81-year-old singer is well-known for her commitment to making time for her husband. It is a treasured custom for them to travel to this opulent island paradise every spring.

Pictures of the pair exercising lightly on the beach attest to their dedication to maintaining an active lifestyle. Paul dressed in brightly colored bathing shorts and a black long-sleeve shirt to protect himself from the Caribbean sun. Nancy wore black shorts and a long-sleeved swimsuit that was both functional and fashionable. Her hair was twisted back into a bun.

Paul and Nancy swam in the glistening water, sticking close to the coast, unfazed by the sporadic gusts of wind and rolling waves. Their admirers showered them with praise on social media, praising their young vitality and fit bodies.

Paul is currently married to Nancy for the third time. Before she died in 1998, he was married for more than 30 years to the late Linda Eastman. After a brief union with ex-model Heather Mills, Paul fell in love once more in 2007 with Nancy Shevell. Four years later, they tied the knot, and they haven’t been apart since.

Fans all around the world are still inspired by Sir Paul McCartney’s long love story and his dedication to leading a healthy lifestyle with his wife Nancy.

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