“A man in a skirt and high heels”: The father of three children leads the lifestyle of a woman

This man, who is the father of three children and is happily married to a woman, prefers wearing skirts and high heels. You will be shocked when you know why he does this and how his wife and children react to it.

The father of three and 63-year-old heterosexual Mark Bryan defies conventional conventions by dressing uniquely, which includes donning heels and skirts.

Brian, a robotics engineer from Germany, defines as straight and happily married and underlines that his dress choices have nothing to do with his sexual orientation.

In 2015, Brian started wearing heels with his clothing and eventually added skirts, inspired by the thought of bringing some variation to his wardrobe while out shopping with his wife.

Brian finds support from his wife and children and maintains his confidence in his manner despite the odd admiration from strangers.

Though opinions on his style are divided, Brian’s narrative emphasizes how important it is to dispel gender preconceptions in fashion.

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