“As a child, he received burns on 98% of his body, and in the future he was abandoned by his wife”: The story of a man who was left with two daughters in his arms

This guy suffered a terrible childhood accident and the 98% of his body was burnt. Now he is 37years old, father of 2daughters. Because of the accident he is like a monster now.

Chris Tomlinson suffered a terrible childhood accident that resulted in 98% of his body being burned. He was only two years old at the time.

He was given a 1% chance of survival by the doctors, but he disregarded them by enduring more than 200 procedures, remaining upbeat, and having faith in God.

He defied infertility predictions by becoming a father despite the challenges.

Chris, who experienced homelessness and unemployment, posted his story online to help spread awareness of disabilities.

But there was more trouble in store for him: Chris’s wife broke his heart by leaving. Thankfully, our hero was able to draw strength from his kids.

Isn’t he a wonderful father?

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