Paris Hilton admitted that she is embarrassed by her daughter’s appearance

Paris Hilton posted a cute photo with her daugher. She also confessed that something in her daughter’s appearance embarrases her. What’s wrong with her?

Paris Hilton copes with the role of a young mother of two angels no worse than with the role of a capricious socialite. Celebrity takes care of her children as if that’s what she’s always done, and what’s more surprising is that Paris carefully protects her son and daughter from the public and social networks in particular. She even wants to protect them from the same Internet addiction that she suffered from! True, something still remains from the old Paris.

In her personal blog, the star admitted that there is one feature in the appearance of her five-month-old daughter London that confuses the famous mother. And it’s too pale skin. Yes, yes, you didn’t think so. Hilton even dreams of quickly teaching her daughter how to apply self-tanning, an art that she herself masterfully masters. “They sprayed me last night and asked, ‘As usual?’ and I said, “Yes,” because I usually like to be really tanned. But I didn’t think about you, London! You’re so pale. You’ve never been in the sun, and I can’t make you tan. Kidding!” – she addressed London in one of the TikTok videos.

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