The adopted children of Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness are concerned about the actor’s emotional state: what happened?

 The adopted children of the actor spend a lot of time with their father as they are concerned about  his emotional state. What’s going on with Hugh Jackman after divorce??

It was reported that the couple separated a long time ago, but did not dissolve the marriage so as not to bother with custody. The information seemed to be confirmed by Hugh himself: insiders said that a spark flashed between him and Broadway_star_Sutton_Forest, his colleague_in_the_musical “The Music Man . ” But later, the actor began to do the inexplicable – publish strange content, which fans associated with his poor emotional and physical state due to changes in his personal life.

Chuika, it seems, did not let the fans down. A Daily Mail source said that Hugh is having a hard time getting used to single life, but finds solace in communicating with his children Ava and Oscar. “They are closer than he could have imagined,” says the insider. “He trusts them the same way he trusted Deborra.” It turned out that the star heirs, noticing that their father was not at ease, agreed to support him and spend as much time with him as possible. Hugh’s loved ones hope that a strong bond with his son and daughter will help him overcome his emotional decline.

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