💔«Sadness of a Dog Turned in to a Shelter: What was the reason?» 😥

Despite the fact that keeping a dog is a lifetime commitment, many people regrettably give up their dogs without giving them any consideration as to what will happen to them.
This horrific story is only one example of such heartless desertion.A 7-year-old male dog was just handed into the Animal Control Shelter in Greenville, Texas. The reason? His owner believed they wouldn’t have enough time for the dog since they were expecting a child.Imagine the confusion and sorrow this poor dog must have felt after being snatched from the only house he had ever known.

He faced the risk of being executed in the overcrowded shelter on top of the uncertainty of not being able to find a new home. Thankfully, Lone Star Puppy Ranch and Dog Ranch Rescue stepped in and paid the $17 adoption fee to keep this cute puppy from being euthanized. Unable to contain their dissatisfaction, they wrote on Facebook to express their shock and rage at the owner’s choice.The rescue questioned the owner’s behavior in a heartfelt post and begged them to consider the emotional damage it caused the dog. Was it so easy for them to part with a seven-year-old friend? While they waited in line at the shelter, did they feel any regret? These questions were a sobering reminder of the toll that this type of disregard takes on helpless animals. The dog, who is now called Rooney, was in significant physical pain from the chaos, but he was resilient and kind-hearted.

They know what it means to be genuinely dedicated; therefore, they want to place him with a family that won’t ever leave him. Even though it hurts to think that Rooney had to go through such a terrible incident, we can take solace in the fact that he is safe and in the skilled hands of the rescue team. By spreading the news about Rooney, we can assist him in finding a new home where he will be loved and accepted for who he is.

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