Kim Kardashian explained why she came to the Met Gala 2024 in an old sweater – fans nicknamed it “grandma’s blanket”

“Grandma’s blanket”: Have you already seen how Kim Kardashian came to the Met Gala 2024?? It’s so funny. You should see it by yourself 

The Costume Institute’s annual Met Gala has passed , and we’re enjoying watching the world debate the worst and best dressed at the ball. This time, the image of Kim Kardashian turned out to be ambiguous, as she demonstrated a phenomenally thin waist in a Maison Margiela dress with a slimming corset (it’s amazing how she didn’t suffocate in it). However, it was not so much the outfit that confused the audience, but the cape that the celebrity complemented the look with.

Doubts creep in that Kim simply decided to rely on the element of surprise by covering her luxurious dress with such a thing. Fans have already booed one of the Kardashian sisters, calling the jumper “grandmother’s old blanket in pellets,” and said that this clearly spoiled the impression of the luxurious dress created by John Galliano. Luckily, Kim explained her choice. It turns out that it’s all about the Met Gala theme – “Sleeping Beauties: The Awakening of Fashion” and the dress code, which was announced as “the garden of time.” “It was like I had the wildest night of my life in the garden… I just ran out, grabbed my boyfriend’s sweater, put it on and went to work. My hair is disheveled,” The Mirror quotes the celebrity.

Well, Kim managed to do one thing for sure – to make the public gossip about herself everywhere. Kanye West’s ex-lover does this masterfully. Well, plus Kardashian for the fact that, unlike some, she at least read the invitation to the end.

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