Kitchen in a pentagonal apartment.

Look at this old kitchen. It is spacious, however there is no proper work surface and it is non-functional. The owner decided to renovate it and the result is better than it was expected. Now look at the before-after photos in the comment 

The kitchen was quite large relative to the total area (10 out of 34 sq.m.). But the harmonious layout was hampered by a bulky ventilation box (on the plan and in the photo below).

The kitchen was covered with striped wallpaper, the furniture was a set of white floor and wall cabinets. The space looked empty and the kitchen was non-functional: without a proper work surface, with a “gap” between the sink and the stove.

A refrigerator was placed near the window, then a work surface with a hob (they abandoned the oven since they don’t cook in it). The upper cabinets were ordered for the ceiling – appreciate how the storage functionality has increased.

Reception: it was impossible to cover the ventilation duct, so, on the contrary, it was highlighted with the help of finishing as an architectural element – they used a dark wood laminate. Moreover, they not only covered the box with it – the laminate was installed on the ceiling above the sink (next photo).

The door and frame were dismantled, expanding the doorway. The kitchen now flows into the hallway and into the room, while remaining an independent room.

Previously, a one-room apartment with three windows looked dark and uncomfortable from the threshold.

All rooms in the apartment interact with each other and are visually united. Thus, the laminate used to decorate the frame and part of the ceiling in the kitchen is also used on the wall of the room. And the pattern of the stone on the kitchen backsplash matches the pattern of the porcelain tiles in the bathroom.

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