Kitchen transformation in an old building.

A young man bought an old apartment which hasn’t been repaired since it was built. Now look how the man transformed the kitchen making it more spacious and cozy.

A young man bought a one-room apartment in an old building. There has been no complete renovation here since the house was moved in: the walls in the kitchen are painted greenish. True, the radiators have already been replaced.

The new owner wanted to turn the apartment into a studio, but the gas problem stopped him: such a redevelopment could not be approved. Designers from the MIRBURO group dissuaded him and offered an alternative solution.

The doorway was moved to the wall between the kitchen and living room, decorating it with a sliding plywood door. This decision made it possible to coordinate the redevelopment. At the same time, the kitchen and living room look like one space.

The former entrance to the kitchen was turned into a niche for the refrigerator, and its back wall was made of the same plywood as the sliding door between the rooms. After the remodel, the kitchen increased by only 0.5 sq.m., but became much more convenient.

Reception: When decorating the kitchen, square white tiles were used for the apron, which refers us to the historical decoration of apartments of the Khrushchev era. By the way, plywood also appeared for a reason: in the 1960s and 70s it was the main, most affordable finishing material. A soft bench was placed against the wall – there is additional storage space inside it.

There was a small window between the kitchen and the bathroom. It was significantly enlarged, replacing glass with glass blocks (another material with a retro touch). Thus, the bathroom received additional lighting, and the kitchen wall received an original structural element.

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