«The Chinese girl has done more than 100 plastic surgeries to have the perfect appearance:😳 How does she look now?»😍

Aesthetic medicine is quite popular in Asian nations, but some people in this culture even go far with plastic surgery.
Beauty influencers that go through major makeovers are highly sought after in China. Wu Xiaochen, a 30-year-old celebrity known for her numerous cosmetic treatments, is one of them.
Wu’s adventure started when she was a teenager when cosmetic surgery was controversially accepted in China, even for minors. Wu, who suffered from an autoimmune disease as a young girl, turned to hormone medication, which caused her to gain weight when she recovered at the age of 14.

Wu began a series of life-changing procedures with liposuction on her thighs, encouraged by her mother’s encouragement. Wu reflected on her experience and shared how, after her first treatment, she felt more confident. This encouraged her to explore other procedures by the time she was sixteen, such as rhinoplasty and breast augmentation, as well as changing the shape of her eyes.

Wu is a well-known supporter of Chinese plastic surgery nowadays, having done television appearances, in ads, and on her beauty blog. She also owns and actively operates two clinics for cosmetic medicine.

Wu is still unhappy with the way she looks, even after making significant changes to it. She seeks perfection with yearly major plastic surgery and monthly injections of hyaluronic acid.

Her experience serves as a reminder of the complexity of beauty standards and the appeal of cosmetic improvements in contemporary culture.

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