👙«The 52-year-old beauty displayed how her enormous proportions look in a bikini.»👙

When Allegra Cole was thirty years old, she made her first attempt at modeling. The woman looked very different then than she does now. But once Allegra began earning a nice living, she decided to tone down her looks and sculpt her physique to perfection. But she had a really strange idea of perfection.

Allegra, who is now 52, has undergone several plastic surgery procedures to sculpt her body into a monster form.

The wife refused to listen to the husband’s attempts to reason with her. After more than 20 years of marriage, the guy finally lost patience with Allegra’s fundamental shifts and decided to divorce her. But Allegra wasn’t too angry about it.

The model opted to enhance its already rather modest shape last year. Right now, her form appears even more eerie.

Allegra, nevertheless, feels that she has attained the pinnacle of beauty.

She surprisingly has a large following on social media. How do you feel about the model’s figure? Kindly provide your thoughts in the comments section.

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