😳«OMG! Isn’t he Cher’s grandson? Turns out that he is new boyfriend!»😱

The 77-year-old music performer Cher recently appeared in public accompanied by her young companion, whose age difference exceeds 30 years. It seems that the singer is not at all shy about discussions concerning her personal life.

And it was precisely after her appearance on the Internet that people started talking about her and her beloved, who at first glance seems like a son or even a grandson, but certainly not a companion.

Internet users were not thrilled with the performer’s appearance, calling her a “shuffling grandmother” because of her unsteady gait and disheveled appearance.

“I thought she was still sane,” “The grandmother has completely lost her mind,” “Does she think he’s with her out of love?” “Who needs such a granny at all?” – write in the comments.

What do you think about this couple?

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