A girl with the face of a grandmother, born 24 years ago, is raising two sons

This girl was born with a face of a grandmother. Now she is 24 years old but looks to be 60. This is awful. You will be shocked. 

Well done for building your life!

This woman looks to be 50-55 years old. However, in reality, she is twice as young. It’s all about her “senile” face, which nature “bestowed” on her from birth.

Ekaterina was born 24 years ago with a very rare disease – progeria. Doctors believed that the girl would not live long. Fortunately, we were wrong. However, life for Katya is far from simple. At school she had to endure bullying from her classmates. Everyone called the girl an old lady.

Catherine, having endured all the troubles, grew up strong in spirit and character. She got used to the cruelty of others and learned not to pay attention to it. The disease did not prevent her from finding female happiness.

She met her future husband by chance. He had the wrong phone number. The young people started talking. Then their telephone acquaintance grew into love.

Now the couple has two sons. Unfortunately, the youngest child inherited progeria from his mother. Ekaterina does everything to ensure that her son grows up as an ordinary child.

It is very rare for people to be born with this diagnosis.


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