What happened to the African boy whose life was saved by an ordinary woman volunteer?

Some years ago a volunteer saved the life of an African boy who was starving. What does he look like now? You won’t believe your eyes!!

Most of you are likely familiar with the tale or have at the very least seen a picture of this African youngster.His picture appeared on A. Loven’s page, where it was discovered by everyone on the planet.Anya gives of her time.She has been traveling to nations in need of volunteer assistance for a number of years.

The woman wrote a message underneath this picture that is very heartbreaking to read.It comes out that the parents of this impoverished youngster abandoned him on the streets. The truth is that they chose to remove him because they thought he was a witch.

A gang of con artists who “worked” in this nation at the time promised parents that their children were possessed by “bad forces” and offered to “cure” them for a respectable sum.

This child’s parents just threw him out onto the street, choosing “not to waste money.”The child ate nearly nothing and lived on the streets ever since.But luck was on his side, and he got to know Anya.When the girl viewed such a picture, her heart could not bear it.She made the decision to put the boy in her own Nigerian orphanage, where they looked after other kids just like him.

It was really challenging at first. The youngster was unable to put on weight and had a developmental delay. But after that, things improved.

He is now well-read and well-friended.In the future, the boy wants to assist kids who are in need as well.

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