What truth is hidden behind that cute dog’s face? Jackie’s sad story

What truth is hidden behind that cute dog’s face? He wasn’t born like that. But what happened to him? Jackie’s sad story.

It’s hard to pass by this amazing and unusual dog. And she, in turn, will be happy to play with you. She was born that way – cheerful, cheerful and active. But only a few know what lies behind that sweet dog smile.

The owners were silent for a long time and wanted to hide it in secret, but then they decided to tell this story to the whole world so that others would be aware and draw the appropriate conclusions.

What with her?

When she was still very little, she didn’t stand out in any way. However, the dog’s muzzle was always darker than other parts of the body. Everything was within normal limits, as the owners thought. But when she turned 2 years old, she began to change dramatically: her fur became lighter in huge spots, and Jackie herself began to navigate worse in space.

The advice and opinions of professionals were contradictory. They treated her for allergies, then for something else, but then they came to the conclusion that the pet had a gene defect. Later, this was partially confirmed when the owners learned the terrible truth about the puppy seller. It turned out that he broke the rules in order to get a lot of money for it, and now Jackie’s exact origin is unknown. Meanwhile, the dog began to go blind, and the spots became more and more numerous.

When veterinarians made the diagnosis, it became clear that this disease was extremely rare. The point is that immune cells began to “work” against the dog’s body. They gradually destroy other genes in the muzzle area. As a result of this “uprising” of cells, the pigmentation of the coat is disrupted, and light-sensitive cells are affected. How can you look at this and not cry?

Unfortunately, today there are no cures, as is the case with cancer. You can only reduce the activity of these “unruly” cells with the help of injections . Jackie’s owners naturally do this.

These people just want you to know that there are many incurable diseases, but this is not a reason to sit back and wait for your beloved pet to die. Be attentive to them and love them!

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