Kitchen with an office and a spacious pantry-laundry room

Look how this old kithchen was transformed and became a modern and stylish one. In addition, the designers could also add an office-like space, where the owner can sit and work.This is fantastic !!! 

A typical “kitchen without ergonomics and design” – peach wallpaper, gray-beige tiles on the apron, cabinets of different sizes, a total lack of space for cooking and storage. At the same time, the main part of the elongated kitchen was empty.

There was a mini-pantry of 0.9 sq.m. in the kitchen (usually this is a great success for our apartments). But the storage system was organized in such a way that it was inconvenient to use the pantry: you couldn’t put or place almost anything.

The kitchen set was lined up in the letter “P”: there was a large work surface, a bar counter-window sill, and space for a large refrigerator. A washing machine and long storage racks along the entire wall were installed in the pantry.

The old partition between the kitchen and living room was demolished, and a sliding partition was installed instead (this is necessary, since the house is gas-powered).
We chose white acrylic countertops and white tiles for the splashback—they set a clean base. The texture of the tiles on the backsplash was emphasized with neutral panels. And to lighten the massive gray set, they added light handles and several upper cabinets with clear glass inserts.
There was a “cold cabinet” under the window: quite deep, but completely useless in a modern kitchen with a refrigerator.
The cabinet was dismantled, and the resulting niche turned out to be ideal for creating a window-sill table.

The designer proposed making a full-fledged workplace here: for this purpose, they ordered a wooden tabletop with cutouts for the circulation of warm air from the radiator. And built-in lamps were placed in the upper slope of the window.

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