Large corner set with blue facades

In any situation there is a solution. This kitchen entry wasn’t convinient and because of it the kitchen became non-functional. The solution was to open another door from the living room. The result is amazing. You should see it for yourself!

Non-functional kitchen with beige wallpaper, dark ceiling and brown set.

Pay attention to the photo: a refrigerator is hidden behind the door, and next to it, right next to it, a man is sitting at the dining table. Due to the inconvenient location of the door to the kitchen, it was impossible to organize a comfortable cooking space and place a table properly.

The entrance to the kitchen was arranged from the living room. The opening was supplemented with a sliding door, so that visually the kitchen almost joined the living room (it was organized on the site of the former bedroom). If necessary, the door can be closed – the rooms will become isolated.
The ceilings, walls and tiled apron were made light. For the facades, we chose a fresh sky blue shade, which was brightened with the help of brass handles.
To extract the maximum usable space, the cabinets were built directly to the ceiling. And open shelves and glazed sections of cabinets help to lighten the set and avoid the effect of loading.
Reception: In addition to the classic facades, there are several smooth ones – without panels (pay attention to the drawers). And the upper third of the wall cabinets is supplemented with glass inserts. Alternating textures (especially on large areas) makes the overall picture more interesting.
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