💔«Even though Jennider Aniston was still relatively young, she made the decision to never talk to her mother again and turned down her invitation to the wedding.» 🤬

The constant criticism from her mother caused a rough childhood for the stunning and well-known actress Jennifer Aniston. Even though she tried her hardest, Jennifer’s mother, Nancy Dow—an actress as well—did not know how to nurture a small child. Because of the growing issues in her parents’ marriage, Jennifer Aniston was constantly aware of their divorce. Every day, she would hear her mother tell her, “You’re ugly, and you have a big nose.” She was cared for by her mother, who often berated her and pointed out all of her physical flaws, such as her nose being too large, her eyes being too far apart, and the few pounds she had gained throughout puberty.




Because of her lack of confidence, Jennifer also had the early opinion that she was “terrible,” which hindered her from managing at school and integrating into the team. His mother was quite gorgeous, but he could never intellectually or physically imitate her. Jennifer was at the mercy of her mother’s erratic behavior since she didn’t have a close relationship with her father. Nancy laughed in Jen’s face one day when she got upset about her mother’s remarks. Jen thus acquired the ability to take criticism quietly. Jennifer Aniston’s reading disability, dyslexia, made it difficult for her to understand written material; thus, she soon realized that this was the root of her scholastic issues.

When she saw that she wasn’t as horrible as she had assumed, she began to question if her mother had given her a fair appraisal of herself.
Jen began to feel more confident during her first job in Hollywood, particularly following nose surgery.

On the other hand, her mother was not overjoyed. Jennifer Aniston’s pleasure was marred by interviews with her mother, who continued to publicly criticize her despite her enormous success in the television series “Friends.”With all of her classmates there, including Courtney Cox, Jen pledged to never speak to her mother again. She wasn’t there for Brad Pitt’s wedding.

Although living with her mother was difficult, Jennifer believes that it helped her become the confident, powerful woman she is today. Years of treatment eventually caused the trauma to fade.”My mother loved me and wanted the best for me, which is why she spoke to me in this manner.” She was not malevolent; she was unaware of the pain she was inflicting on me, pain that would take years to heal.

Jennifer Aniston’s upbringing shaped the person she is now. She spoke with Elle magazine about this.

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