😳«How old is the woman who broke all beauty stereotypes: A simple woman lawyer became Miss Universe.»😮

The Miss Universe pageant administrators made a big move last fall when they eliminated the contenders’ top age limit of 28 years old.

A few months later, a 60-year-old beauty named Alejandra Marisa Rodriguez won the title of Miss Buenos Aires 2024, immediately making this move’s impact apparent. Rodriguez takes care of herself, eats a balanced diet, and goes to the gym daily to maintain her amazing beauty as a lawyer.

Rodriguez defeated 34 other contenders in her area to win the championship, and she expressed her joy and pleasure upon doing so. She underlined that women can overcome obstacles and that beauty knows no age. She wanted to show that female empowerment had limitless possibilities via physical training, confidence-building, and skill development.

Rodriguez will now represent the metropolitan area at the national Miss Argentina pageant, which is set for May 25th, after winning the crown in her region.

It’s interesting that Alejandra, who has two cats of her own, posts snippets of her life on Instagram with them.




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