Before and after: 16 sqm – Parisian studio with spectacular kitchen

You will be amazed when you see how the designer transformed the 16 sqm studio making it very functional. It contains a small kitchen,too.

“Just because you have a small apartment doesn’t mean you don’t need a designer. I will say this – you need a designer even more than those who are renovating large apartments,” says Agathe Marimbert, who designed and renovated this 16 sq.m Parisian studio. This is not the first time that the owner has turned to her for help in remodeling apartments that he purchases and renovates for renting out.

Before. A small studio with a giant window into the courtyard and a beautiful view of the courtyard. However, the “air” in the apartment was blocked by a mezzanine bed at the entrance.

After. It was important to “make this single room breathe”, but at the same time preserve all the necessary functions – organize a full-fledged kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom and pantry. All this – on 16 sq.m.

Before. Except for the sleeping area, all functional areas were located on the left side of the apartment. This was mainly due to water and sewer connections.

After. The new layout uses both parts of the apartment. On the left are those connected with water: bathroom, toilet and kitchen. On the right is the storage system, counter. This made it possible to “level” the strange shape of the walls at the site of the former chimney. And also create an acoustic buffer in relation to neighboring apartments.

Before. On the left side of the room there was a bathroom, a kitchenette and a closet.

After. The layout features two niches lined with sea green tiles. One houses the bathroom, the other frames the kitchen apron.

The kitchen is located where the wardrobe used to be in the previous layout. It consists of three cabinets 40-60-60 cm. For safety reasons, the water point and the induction hob were spaced as far apart as possible. There is a combination oven under the hob, and the cabinet under the sink provides storage space for household items and trash cans. There is a refrigerator in the center. Above the niche, among other things, there is space for a 60 liter water heater tank. There is no hood in this house. “A recirculator would destroy the idea of ​​a niche, and the window is nearby,” explains Agata.

Since this is a rental apartment, the finishing should be as durable as possible and preferably not very expensive. The tiles chosen were one of the simplest, at a price of 45 euros/sq.m.

At the same time, the quality of work is at the highest level. Have you noticed how the tiles are laid in the kitchen niche? “We do a preliminary layout of tiles taking into account the selected collection. The layout plan is a mandatory part of the project documentation that the customer receives. And of course, we closely monitor the progress of the project and carry out author’s control at the site,” explains the architect.

Two small shelves, 20 cm deep, were made above the tabletop. “In a small space, it is important to store as many things as possible in a closed way. But we deliberately leave small areas open to liven up the space,” says the professional.

Before. The layout of the bathroom was illogical – the toilet was located in most of the room, and the shower was squeezed into an irregularly shaped compartment.

After. Combining the kitchen and bathroom created a built-in strip and made the latter’s partitions disappear. The result is visually much lighter. To liven up this seamless combination of two duck green “color blocks,” the architect trimmed the bathroom door with the same tiles as the kitchen alcove. “This is glass that contains a metal grid. It blurs the view slightly without changing the color rendering,” explains the architect.

The shower and toilet have been swapped. Organizing the shower room using construction methods made it possible to make it more spacious than in the original layout. Two shelves were made in the corner of the shower, repeating the neat design of the kitchen ones.

Pay attention to the mirror above the washbasin: it was cut out in multiples of the size of the tiles with seams, accurate to the millimeter.

Before. This is an old front door and a loft bed that was used as the main sleeping area.

After. The owner preferred a folding sofa – this is the Rapido model, which can be transformed with one hand (no need to remove the seat cushions from above). A convenient option for daily sleep without having to climb onto the mezzanine.

The cabinetry opposite the kitchen and bathroom has varying depths—the largest section is where the former fireplace chimney used to be. A section of the wardrobe was installed here.

An open section with bookshelves at the bottom hides a heating radiator. The metal grill does not reduce the heat generated.

Pay attention to the niche at the end of the line of low cabinets – it serves as a bedside table.

The existing herringbone parquet had to be dismantled; it could not be restored. The screed was also redone. In the end, replacing the floor was one of the biggest costs of the project… Luckily the window was in good condition.

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