Before and after: An apartment that has had its historical layout returned

Step back in time and witness the restoration of historical charm! See the captivating before-and-after photos of an apartment that has been lovingly restored to its original layout, preserving its rich heritage for generations to come.

The apartment in the building on Strastnoy Boulevard was inherited by the current owner. The owner decided to rent it out, but first to remodel and refresh the renovation: the twenty-year-old decoration, despite the quality, no longer looked relevant.

A specialist with extensive experience in redevelopment,was invited to cooperate . But the very first acquaintance with the project revealed big problems. It turned out that the previous redevelopment was illegal: the kitchen was moved to the living room, the bathroom was enlarged without approval. The design of the house also added to the difficulties: the Moscow Housing Inspectorate refused to approve even a small relocation of the partitions relative to the BTI plan due to the load on the wooden floors. It was important for the owner to get a legal layout without lengthy approvals, so they decided to return the project to the original plan – to restore the layout of the 1950s. Now the apartment has three rooms, a small kitchen and separate bathrooms, and the redevelopment did not even have to be approved; it fully complies with the BTI plan.

The interior palette is light natural shades, without bright accents in the decoration. Due to the small area, there are many identical solutions here: for example, for finishing the floor they used one type of porcelain stoneware and parquet, so as not to split up the already small room.

Idea and solution: the door height is 230 cm – this is slightly higher than the standard. “With three-meter ceilings, you cannot save on the height of the doors,” says Natalya Shirokorad.

At the same time, the budget was saved due to cabinet furniture, for example, cabinets. We bought storage systems for the bedroom and office at IKEA – it turned out three times cheaper than if the cabinets were made to order.


ROOM A bookcase-display case, a carpet, a small chest of drawers with louvered doors and a coffee table – these items were retained from the previous furnishings in order to reduce the project budget. The sofa is of very good quality, despite its age, it was quite easy to reupholster.

The designer and the customer had doubts about the curtains for a long time, but in the end they kept them from the previous interior: the deep shade of the fabric emphasized the expressiveness of the overall range.

In addition to furniture, art objects were also preserved, mainly reproductions of Parisian views, which are close to the new interior in color and mood.

The dining room items are the only new items in the interior. This area was added due to the fact that there is very little space in the kitchen – only a small breakfast table could fit there.

In the photo: this is what the kitchen looked like before the renovation – once it was moved to the living room, to the corner farthest from the riser, and communications were stretched across the entire apartment; During the renovation, the kitchen was returned to its rightful place

Dining table and chairs are artifacts left over from the previous owners. They fit into the interior of a small kitchen both in mood and in size – we only had to reupholster the seats of the chairs.

The windows were retained, but added with new handles: accessories in brass finish are combined with pendant lamps.

The location of the equipment and the configuration of the kitchen were dictated by the BTI plan. Despite the modest size of the kitchen, we managed to install a washing machine to the right of the oven, and a dishwasher to the left . Hanging cabinets were designed up to the ceiling to increase the number of storage spaces, and the facades were chosen in a smooth design, without panels, as the most budget option.

In the photo: this is what the bedroom looked like before renovation

The bed was replaced in the bedroom: initially they planned a burgundy headboard, but already in the workshop the customer unexpectedly liked the blue fabric. “The advantage of a neutral palette is that we were able to quickly change accents,” says Natalya Shirokorad.

OFFICE cabinets
The third room, depending on the family composition of the future tenants, can play the role of an office or a nursery. To play up the narrow shape of the room, Natalya Shirokorad suggested placing a sofa in a niche between the cabinets: this technique visually expanded the room.

In the photo: this is what the bathroom looked like before the renovation; during a remodel twenty years ago, it was illegally increased

The bathrooms were divided to return to the boundaries according to the BTI plan. Working with such small rooms turned out to be difficult: in the shower room, for example, the curtain was changed three times to achieve comfortable opening in the cabin, “sandwiched” between the cabinet and the gas water heater. In addition to tiles, painting was used on the walls to make the space more cozy.

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