Jennifer Lopez found herself at the center of a scandal because of her behavior on the Met Gala red carpet: video

Shocking scandal ! “She is not the person she says she is”: Jennifer Lopez was criticised because of her behaviour on the Met Gala. What did she do that caused scandal?

As soon as the gossips stopped wondering why Jennifer Lopez came to the annual Met Gala Costume Institute without Ben Affleck, they had a new reason to wash the celebrity’s bones. It’s all because of a video posted on TikTok by USA Today reporter Anika Reed.

In the short clip, Reed asks the Hollywood star, who is walking up the grand staircase of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in a luxurious sparkling dress: “What are you wearing today?” Lopez glances briefly at the journalist, laconically answers: “Schiaparelli” and leaves, accompanied by an assistant.

It would seem that there was nothing particularly provocative – but Internet users thought differently. Lopez’s behavior seemed rude and arrogant to most commentators. “A real ray of sunshine,” “Her kindness shines through the screen,” “And this disdainful look from top to bottom is just the icing on the cake,” detractors scoff under the video.

For some, the video became a reason to seriously speculate about Jennifer’s character. “She is not the person she says she is. She is rude to her assistants, housekeeping staff, and everyone around her, including her own children. I know this because my friend helped her get dressed,” “This is not new information, other representatives of the industry have already reported on her arrogance,” “This is nothing compared to the way she treats waiters, catering workers on the set and domestic servants,” commentators share information.

However, there were also those who sided with the celebrity. “I’m not a fan of Lopez, but I don’t see anything wrong with the way she answered,” “She wasn’t rude, there was no disdain in her gaze,” “She answered, although she could have easily ignored the question. Moreover, at that moment she could hardly climb the stairs,” readers of the Daily Mail tabloid justify the star. And what do you think?

By the way, it took more than 800 hours of handwork to make the dress with silver details and a long train! And it was worth it: it emphasized Lopez’s graceful forms, adding luxury and shine to her.

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