«😄Who is the famous Hollywood star who once even played up her death?She grow up and become very famous model and actress»😲

Despite her parents’ divorce, Margot Robbie had a joyful childhood growing up in the Gold Coast region of Australia.
She treasured special times spent at the seaside with her mother, a physiotherapist, and her three siblings.

As a Hollywood actress now, Robbie remembers her childhood with nostalgia and stresses that she didn’t come from anything, having picked up important life values like thrift and resiliency.Robbie was forced to consider her early years after landing a role in the 2023 film “Barbie,” and she acknowledged that she wasn’t your average Barbie-loving youngster.

Rather, she recalls playing with a cherished stuffed animal called “Bunny” and how a substitute teacher mispronounced his name, giving him the moniker “Maggot.”
In her early years, Robbie would playfully pretend to be dead to make fun of a babysitter.

Despite her playful side, Robbie’s path led her to a prosperous acting career. It was on a film shoot that she met Tom Ackerley, her husband-to-be.
As their romance developed, it resulted in a quiet nuptial ceremony in the Byron Bay hinterland in 2016. Robbie, a lover of Harry Potter, was delighted to learn about Ackerley’s role in the movie series, which strengthened their bond.

Their delayed honeymoon included an unexpected run-in with Barack Obama and Ellen DeGeneres. Their marriage has been full of laughter and love.
Robbie prioritizes her acting profession over her personal life, even though she is frequently complimented on her attractiveness and charisma.

Even with achievements like numerous #1 spots on Maxim’s Hot 100 list, Robbie places a high value on her work and maintaining her composure in the glitz and glamor of Hollywood.

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