«😪A Look at the Current Life of a Little Thumbelina Girl: Was Born to Always Be Doll Size!»💔

It is unclear what signs and symptoms indicate primary dwarfism due to microcephalic osteodysplastic type II. There isn’t another option in this situation.It was unfortunate that Abigail Lee had this type of genetic condition from birth.

The image appears normal at first glance: a child is riding in a stroller; however, in this case, the stroller is a dollhouse toy.Abigail is just two years old, yet at nine pounds, she weighs as much as a baby.The young girl is expected to develop to a length of 23 inches, according to the experts.

The youngster is doing well medically. She does not put on any weight while she develops, eats, and plays. Though there is now no recognized treatment for this kind of dwarfism, it is thought that more scientific research would be beneficial.

Abigail is entitled to a long and happy life, as well as an education.

Our wish is that she discovers satisfaction and contentment inside herself.

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