😳«The cleaners’ efforts have entirely transformed the flat, which was in horrible shape.It’s radically changed.»😱

Professional cleaning crews often handle a variety of tasks, but sometimes they encounter apartments that are so neglected that their cleaning becomes particularly noticeable. In this case, we were faced with the unusual task of tidying up an apartment left in terrible condition by the previous tenants.

Reviving the sofa through upholstery cleaning took 3.5 hours of meticulous work using various cleaning agents and spot treatment. The result speaks to the tremendous effort invested! Restoration of the heavily soiled carpet also brought significant improvement.

The cleaning crew faced a huge amount of clutter and garbage scattered throughout the premises. Transforming the children’s area showed a radical change in the apartment after cleaning. Special attention to every corner was necessary to refresh this space.

In the kitchen, it was necessary to remove ingrained dirt, wash dishes, and tidy up kitchen utensils.

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