From Silver Screen Siren to Tragic Love Stories: The Rise and Fall of Michelle Mercier”

 The Rise and Fall of Michelle Mercier: She has changed beyond recognition. Now she is like an old grandmother. You should see it by yourself!

Many celebrities at the end of their careers failed to retain the title of sex symbol or first beauty. Some were prevented by laziness, others by family drama, and others by unsuccessful plastic surgery.

The life and beauty of the legendary Angelica were destroyed by two unsuccessful marriages and a series of love fiascos

Actress Michelle Mercier pulled out a lucky ticket, having successfully passed the casting for the 1964 historical-romantic film “Angelique – Marquise of Angels.” Director Bernard Borderie, who was filming the film adaptation of the first book in the series of novels by Anne and Serge Golon, paid attention to the little-known French actress only after Brigitte Bardot refused the role, and Catherine Deneuve , Jane Fonda and Marina Vlady did not pass the casting.

The role of the seductress of thieves and royalty instantly made the 25-year-old beauty, whose real name was Jocelyne Yvonne Rene, a superstar of world cinema. Men went crazy over Angelica not only in Europe and America, but also in the Soviet Union. Thanks to the bright sensuality and sexuality of Mercier, who brilliantly played the beautiful Angelica, a special style of bra came into fashion, barely covering the actress’s charms.

Unlike his successful film career, Mercier’s family life did not work out. In 1961, she married assistant director Andre Smagge, who turned out to be a drunken alcoholic and neurotic, completely unable to control his actions. The fame of his wife, who played Angelique, irritated Andre and contrasted with his failures. He started drinking even harder and even raised his hand to Michelle.

In the end, doctors declared Andre Smagge insane. And this became a trap for the actress: on the basis of a psychiatric report, Michelle could not divorce her husband. The final point in this difficult and scandalous marriage was set only in 1967. To become free, Mercier had to pay her alcoholic husband a colossal amount of compensation for those times.

However, she did not remain free for long. Michelle, like Angelica, could choose anyone – any representative of the stronger sex was ready to throw herself at her feet. Having received an official divorce, the star actress began a whirlwind romance with race car driver Claude Burilo. They got married in 1970, but this union also became a complete hassle for the actress. And after 12 years of marriage, the husband simply ran away from Mercier, taking all the money and family jewelry she had accumulated.

After the betrayal of her second husband, Michelle fell into a long depression. The situation was aggravated by the fact that, despite the huge number of roles played by Mercier, everyone perceived her exclusively as Angelica. The star tried with all her might to stop being a hostage to one role: she played prostitutes, aristocrats, murderers… However, even fifty diverse roles did not help to get rid of the image of a red-haired seductress.

Desperate, Michelle Mercier moved to live in the USA. She quit cinema for 13 years and returned to the set only in 1999 due to financial difficulties. While she was not filming, the media widely covered the star’s stormy romances, whose beauty was inexorably fading – with famous actors, influential politicians and even with an Italian prince. However, not a single love story ended with a new marriage.

The actress wrote three autobiographical books, in each of which she spoke in detail about a series of love fiascoes and tragedies that destroyed her life and beauty.

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