60-year-old Pitt hugs his chosen one, who is 28 years younger than him, while his ex melts before his eyes

Love knows no age: Brad Pitt embraces his partner, 28 years his junior, while his ex looks on. Find out more about this intriguing love triangle.

The paparazzi showed 60-year-old Brad Pitt on the beach hugging his chosen one, Ines de Ramon, who is 28 years younger than him, while the actor’s ex-wife Jolie melts before our eyes.

Against the backdrop of a blossoming and loving couple, 48-year-old Angelina looks exhausted and lonely in paparazzi photographs. “She can’t compare with Jolie, sorry,” “Very beautiful couple. And you can’t tell that old man Pitt is 60 years old,”

“How beautiful they are”, “Jolie will soon be blown away by the wind”, “She looked better with Jolie”, “How could you exchange Jolie for this woman?”, “Ines is not at all pretty”,

“Jolie is much more beautiful, despite her thinness,” write netizens in the comments under the new shots of the stars.

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