Before and after: Apartment in a Stalinist building from 1957

Step into Time: Witness the Remarkable Transformation of an Apartment in an old Building from 1957! You will be amazed when you see the result.

The two-room apartment in an old building was inherited by the current owner from her parents, who moved out of town. First of all, the girl started renovating it, and entrusted the creation of the project to the architects of the AR-KA studio. The customer liked all the current trends in the interiors at once – from loft to boho. Thus, in one eclectic space, objects with different stylistic backgrounds became friends – from imitation brickwork to handmade kilims.
The apartment is on the ground floor, so the architects were relatively free to create a new layout. We managed to move the kitchen into the living room; to do this, the gas lines in the apartment were cut off.

An office was created on the site of the former kitchen. The living room was made into a walk-through area, and the corridor was connected to the bathroom. A dressing room was added to the bedroom.

The entrance area was decorated in dark colors to visually separate it from the living room, where white played the main role. This is a time-tested optical effect: after a dark hallway, the open space of the living room seems even more spacious and brighter.
In the photo: this is what the corridor looked like during dismantling
In the studio’s portfolio, this project was called “Horizon Line” due to its layout: all the main rooms are located in an enfilade, along the same axis, and are clearly visible, so they were decorated with the same materials. For example, wallpaper with a large bamboo pattern unites the living room and bedroom.
Another textured material in the interior is tiles that imitate brick. She was led onto the walls around the perimeter of the living room. “ At first we wanted to leave the authentic brick from which the walls of the house were built, but the material turned out to be unsuitable for decoration , ” recalls Ilona Boleyshits.
In the photo: this is what the brickwork looked like, which was cleared during dismantling. It was not suitable for the interior, so the walls were lined with artificial bricks
The kitchen was separated from the general space by the transition of the flooring from engineered boards to tiles and a bar counter. All countertops were brought to the level of the window sill.
The housewife cooks a lot, so the set was made U-shaped, with a large number of storage systems and an extensive work surface. The end of the kitchen, which opens to the living room, was decorated with shelves – you can display beautiful dishes on them.

At the bottom of the end there is a small secret – a box for installing electrics 10 cm deep. This led to the appearance of shelves that helped decorate it.

In the photo: this is what the kitchen looked like during dismantling; now there is an office in its place; To make such a redevelopment, we had to cut off gas communications
The corner bedroom has two windows, so the head of the bed was oriented towards one of them. The tropical pattern was supported by background wallpaper in a very light green color, and mustard curtains and textiles were added as accents. A decorative concrete panel was made specifically for this project in the AR-KA studio.
The second isolated room currently serves as an office, but in the future it may change its purpose, for example, turn into a children’s room.
Problem and solution : the black box plays an important practical role in the project – it hides the sewerage coming from the adjacent bathroom. And at the same time it serves as a stand for the owner’s collection of paintings.
In the design of the bathroom, two types of tiles were combined – background tiles on the main walls and accent tiles in the bathroom area. A washing machine and shelves for towels were built into the closet.
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