“For the first time he looks his age and even older.” What are fans of 54-year-old Lopez unhappy with?

Shocking Transformation: Fans React as 54-Year-Old Lopez Appears to Age Overnight for the First Time! “For the first time she looks her age and even older”

Fans of 54-year-old Lopez jumped in surprise when they saw the diva at the annual Met Gala. Lopez, by the way, was also unhappy with her appearance. The Hollywood star hastened to “remove” her wrinkles and bags under her eyes from unsuccessful photos, but the Internet remembers everything.

Unprocessed photographs of the beauty instantly spread across the Internet, upsetting fans of the Latina. “For the first time she looks her age and even older”, “Looks a little old”, “Why did she lose it so quickly?”,

“It’s like she forgot to do her hair,” “We’ve seen this outfit on Jennifer in different interpretations millions of times. Why repeat yourself?”

“Age has caught up with her”, “Looks tired”, “A woman is 60 years old at lunchtime. At 30, I sometimes can’t get out of bed,”

“She is beautiful in any form,” “Beauty,” “Is it now forbidden to grow old?” write Internet users in the comments under this post.

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