“Kim Basinger’s Transformation: From Natural Beauty to Plastic Surgery Shock”

Kim Basinger’s evolution from natural beauty to plastic surgery intrigue: She has changed beyond recognition. What does the plastic surgery to a person?? It is awful !!

In 2014, the actress received compliments for her natural beauty, and a year later she shocked the public with her “updated plastic” appearance


The pursuit of eternal beauty also ruined the star of the cult films “9 1/2 Weeks” and “Batman” Kim Basinger . Back in 2014, the actress received exclusively compliments on her brilliant appearance. When asked how she manages to maintain beauty at her age, Kim answered that the secret is simple – you need to let go of all the pain and negative energy.

The actress said that to maintain an impeccable appearance, she plays a lot of sports, meditates and tries to isolate herself from negative thoughts. “The main thing that helps me maintain my appearance and health is internal harmony,” said Kim, who denies visiting plastic surgeons.


However, as it turned out later, the star did not say much. In May 2015, fans were shocked by the dramatically changed appearance of their favorite, who appeared at the premiere of the film “Eleven O’Clock” in Santa Monica with an “updated” appearance.

Amazed reporters and viewers had difficulty recognizing the changed actress, and experts determined that the 61-year-old star, in pursuit of a second youth, had undergone a series of plastic surgeries. However, Kim’s new “plastic” image is the result of a clearly unsuccessful blepharoplasty and the use of a large amount of Botox and fillers. Basinger’s face not only changed, but also lost its facial mobility, and also acquired a specific “fat” shine, like, for example, the well-known Donatella Versace.

Most noted that the face of the Hollywood actress now resembles a frozen wax mask. After the scalpel, Kim lost her “trademark” facial features: the shape of her eyes and the shape of her nose changed, and her eyebrows rose unnaturally high above her eyelids.

By the way, the actress herself is not at all shy about her updated appearance and confidently poses for photo reporters.

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