Amid rumors of losing weight on Ozempic, Jennifer Lopez revealed the secret of her slimness: “I’ve never been so thin”

In the lates photos Jennifer Lopez is very thin. The fans are suspecting her of using Ozempik?? Is it right? The star reveals the truth…

The appearance of a Hollywood star at the Met Gala 2024 raised many questions among the public: 54-year-old Jennifer Lopez stepped out onto the path looking indecently thinner . Connoisseurs of the side effects of the sensational drug for diabetics saw them in the face of a celebrity. Jennifer herself never mentioned Ozempic and, moreover, never tires of repeating that she is exclusively for a healthy lifestyle.

The day before, Jen appeared on the show “Live with Kelly and Mark” and announced that she was now more happy with her shape than ever before. The fact is that the singer is facing a long business trip – a musical tour dedicated to her 25th anniversary on stage, and therefore she is preparing her body for a busy schedule. “The secret is movement,” Lopez said. – This is constant movement of the body, travel, two-hour exercise every evening. Now is the time when I am in a good, healthy state, that is, in fighting shape.”

Suspicious tabloid readers stand their ground, but loyal fans believed the star. Paparazzi constantly catch Jen on her way to the gym or dance studio – at one time it seemed that all she did was train. But her husband Ben Affleck, apparently, decided to rejuvenate in an easier way: a surgeon recently revealed what procedures the 51-year-old actor had done.

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