Leonardo DiCaprio and Vittoria Ceretti were caught in a passionate kiss in public: photo

It seems that things are very serious for Leonardo DiCaprio and Vittoria Ceretti. Judge for yourself: time is inexorably approaching the model’s 26th birthday, and Leo, contrary to his established tradition of not dating girls over 25, does not even think about leaving her. On the contrary, the novel is gaining momentum. Just look at the engagement rumors (so what if they turned out to be untrue in the end?)! In public, neither Leo nor Vittoria hide their feelings anymore, and therefore sometimes allow themselves to do things that are not at all modest. Like, for example, at the recent Rolling Stones concert.

The couple was caught by the paparazzi having a passionate kiss. Apparently, Vittoria was not very impressed with Mick Jagger, and she decided to turn all her attention to a younger guy – well, to Leo, that is. The star of “The Revenant” couldn’t tear himself away from his chosen one, but still kept one eye on the concert.

By the way, Ceretti, as the Daily Mail writes, did not leave Leo alone the whole evening. She attracted her boyfriend’s attention in every possible way, either placing her hand on his thigh or trying to hug him. Apparently, in order to interest a girl, DiCaprio should have taken her to a K-pop concert, and not to good old rock. DiCaprio, it should be noted, generally has big problems with choosing romantic places for dates. Previously, he took Vittoria to the cabaret show of his friend Teyana Taylor, who for some time was considered the actor’s mistress. Judging by the photographs, Ceretti was also bored there—again, by the way, in short.

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