Meg Ryan: The Tragic Quest for Eternal Youth

Hollywood sweetheart Meg Ryan did everything to be young at any age, however, “gaining eternal youth” with the help of plastic surgery did not happen. Once beautiful actress became old and ugly because of plastic surgeries.

Many noted that the actress’s famous smile after plastic surgery resembles the Joker’s grin from the movie “Batman.”

An attempt to turn back time also failed for the star of the films “Sleepless in Seattle” and “French Kiss” Meg Ryan. From the early 1990s to the mid-2000s, the actress was considered the standard of femininity and beauty, regularly gracing the covers of glossy magazines.

However, every year Meg became less and less like her former self. And although metamorphoses happened to her regularly, for the time being they were not noticeable.

In mid-2013, Meg suddenly disappeared from everyone’s radar. Fans were worried that their favorite was sick. Only 14 months later, in the spring of 2015, she appeared in public again – and many fans almost had a heart attack.

At the fashion show held as part of Paris Fashion Week, Meg was simply unrecognizable in the literal sense: her face changed beyond recognition. Apparently, the actress has been engaged in “rejuvenation” for the past year.

However, “gaining eternal youth” with the help of plastic surgery did not happen. Despite the absence of wrinkles, the actress has noticeably aged. Ryan’s once soft and feminine facial features have become “alien”: the shape of her nose, the shape of her eyes, the shape of her cheekbones and lips have changed for the worse. Meg’s signature smile was also gone.

Many noted that Ryan’s face now resembles… a pillow. And some wits even compared the updated smile of the popular actress of the 90s with the famous grin of the Joker performed by Jack Nicholson from the cult film “Batman”.

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