“Melanie Griffith’s Plastic Surgery Journey: A Bid to Save Her Marriage and Reclaim Youth”

The Hollywood star decided to undergo plastic surgery, fearing that her beloved husband would be “taken away” by her young competitors, but she lost the battle for beauty.

Widespread fame and the status of a sex symbol came to Hollywood actress Melanie Griffith in the second half of the 80s after participating in the films “Wild Thing” and “Working Girl.” Star roles brought the young American artist into the ranks of the highest paid, but fame played a bad joke on Melanie.

A heavy smoker, Griffith practically did not take care of her bright appearance in her youth. All her free time was occupied by endless filming, night parties, whirlwind romances, scandalous breakups, frequent changes of husbands and periodic treatment in clinics for drug addiction.

Melanie thought about her appearance only after another divorce from the “first-third” Don Johnson and a fourth marriage to the Spanish handsome Antonio Banderas, from whom she gave birth to a daughter, Stella.

From the outside it seemed that everything was perfect in the union of Hollywood stars, but in fact, 40-year-old Griffith lived in constant fear, fearing that her young rivals would “take away” her adored husband. “I grew old before my time, and all because of meaningless parties,” shared Melanie. “How I regret that in my youth I did not lead a healthy lifestyle.”

And soon a real Spanish-American war broke out in the star couple’s house. It all started with Antonio presenting his wife with an ultimatum: either he or the cigarettes would be in the bedroom. After all, Melanie did not part with cigarettes even in bed. Banderas complained to friends: “The first thing Melanie does when she wakes up is take a drag on her cigarette, and only then tell me “Good morning.” Therefore, he decided to take extreme measures. Griffith’s “retaliatory strike” was a home ban on speaking with her daughter Stella in Spanish.

The final blow to Melanie’s pride was the premiere of the film “Evita,” where Antonio played with Madonna. The day before the premiere, the pop diva’s assistant called the actor and warned him not to come to the show in red – only Madonna would wear an evening dress of this color. When Banderas made this request to his wife, she exploded: “I’ll go in whatever I want. I spent fifteen thousand dollars on a toilet for the premiere, and it’s red.”

However, Antonio still forced his wife to abandon this idea. Madonna herself came in red and did not allow anyone to overshadow herself, and Melanie lost confidence in herself after the premiere. “Recently, I showed up without any makeup and caught Antonio’s gaze, which seemed to say: “Did I really marry this old witch?” she said.

In an attempt to save the marriage, Griffith took herself seriously: she began to spend many hours of grueling workouts in the gym, went under the knife of a plastic surgeon, creating a wasp waist, plump lips, and over time, redoing her nose and other parts of the body.

However, she lost the war for beauty miserably: the alliance with Banderas failed, and unsuccessful operations turned the actress with a once brilliant appearance into a real victim of plastic surgery.

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